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Quantic Dream (2015 - Present)

  • Detroit - Become human (PS4): Game creation manager

    Accomplishments: Teaser, pre-production, production

    Key skills:
    - Management of Game Design, Script, Camera, Audio & QA teams (35-40 employees)
    - Schedule creation and tracking
    - Staffing plan
    - Internal and external communication (Sony & outsourcers)
    - Dependencies tracking
    - Problem solving


Crytek Frankfurt (2012 - 2015)

  • The Climb (Oculus Rift) and Robinson: Content manager & Scrum master

    Accomplishements: Concept & Pre-production

    Key skills:
    - Interdisciplinary team management (15-20 employees)
    - Schedule creation and tracking
    - Staffing planning
    - Internal and external (outsourcers) communication
    - Tracking dependencies

  • Unnanounced console project: Lead designer

  • Warface (PC& Xbox 360): Self-published F2P FPS, in which I am Content Manager on an interdisciplinary team.

    Accomplishments: Steam release + Nevada, Cold Peak & Grand Bazaar maps (PvP and PvE)

    Key skills:
    - Team management (16 employees)
    - Schedule creation and tracking
    - Cross-studio communication
    - Tracking dependencies with other departments
    - Design documentation

  • Ryse Son of Rome DLC (Xbox One & PC):

    Key skills:

    - Schedule creation
    - Design documentation

  • Ryse Son of Rome (Xbox One & PC): Hack'n'slash game developed for Microsoft, in which I was Project Manager for the design team.

    Key skills:
    - Design team organization (13 employees)
    - Task creation & tracking
    - Feedback management & bugtracking
    - Tracking design dependencies & follow-up decisions
    - Meeting owner & Information tracking
    - Design recruitment
    - GDD owner
    - Design point of contact for tracking tools: Hansoft, JIRA, TFS, Tom's planner...
    - Liaison with HR

    I also fulfilled at certain points the following roles during Ryse:

    - Scrum master
    - System designer
    - Lead level designer
    - Manager for external demos
    - Design director substitute
    - Pit manager
    - Liaison with Microsoft on certain areas
    - Animation manager (7 employees)


Digital Legends (2011 - 2012)

  • miCoach Football (iOS): Football game developed for adidas in which I was lead designer.

  • miCoach Running (iOS): Running game developed for adidas in which I was designer.


Eclipse Games (2011 - 2012)

  • Ecofish (iOS & Android): System & Level designer, scrum master, producer and press manager
  • Lightfish (PC & XLIG): Developed both for Xbox indie games and Steam (as well as other distribution digital platforms), in which I was designer and press manager.
  • Toy Cars (PC & XLIG): Xbox indie game in which I contributed in the PR and QA areas and some additional design.

Grin Barcelona (2007 - 2008)

I took part in the concept phase, prototype and production of the game. My role was mainly the Game designer of the core mechanics, but I was also involved in many other tasks, including being one of the negociators with our publisher (Universal).

  • Wanted: Weapons of Fate (Xbox 360, PS3 & PC, 3rd-person Shooter, published by Universal & Warner Bros, based on a major Hollywood franchise)
    • Designer of all game mechanics (health system, player movement and actions, aiming system, weapons, special weapons...)
    • Co-writer of the game story
    • Writer of all game texts & messages
    • Co-designer of level design concepts
    • And occasionally, even Studio press manager!

Pyro Studios (2004 - 2007)

  • Cops: The Police experience 2007 (next-gen consoles, linear FPS, cancelled)
    • Writer of the game story & texts
    • Design liaison with animators
    • Design liaison with music & sound designers

  • InZero (next-gen consoles, RPG FPS, cancelled)
    • Designer of the Single player mode
    • Designer of player mechanics (health system, actions, inventory...)
    • Designer of allied support
    • Co-designer of the game interfaces
    • Designer of level design concepts

  • Sport City (PC, Tycoon, cancelled)
    • Creation (including LUA coding) of the quest system
    • Creation (including LUA coding) of the event system
    • Creation of the player injury system
    • Game balance

  • Cops 2005 (next-gen consoles, sandbox-style FPS, cancelled)
    • Designer of police-themed mechanics (accountability, weapons, team mates...)
    • Designer of other mechanics (Health system, damage system...)
    • Mentoring of junior designers.

  • Imperial Glory (PC, Strategy, published by Eidos)
    • Designer of several management mechanics (technology tree, buildings, troop management...)
    • Designer of much of the game interfaces.
    • Level designer of several battle maps.
    • Level designer of the historical battles.
    • Writer of all game texts and messages.
    • I also wrote both game manuals (in-game and in the box).

Futurespace (2002 - 2003)

In this company I played the roles of Game designer, Scriptwriter, Concept creative and tester for the following mobile/web games:

  • SMS Football
  • More than friends
  • School Crisis

Dinamic Multimedia (1999 - 2000)


Tester & Scriptwriting contributions:

Tester coordinator of the games:

Tester of the games: