Alvaro Vazquez de la Torre
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As a Writer

I've written literally dozens of short tales, but I also have tv formats, movie scripts and game design concepts. However, I'd highlight the following ones:

Los domingos de papá

  • Short tale awarded with a third prize from Doyo Hanno association, Japan (2014)

Un trabajo sucio

  • Short tale published on the book Boxing day (2011)

El viejo indio que sonríe


  • Short tale awarded with the XVI certamen de relato breve Villamayor de Santiago (2011)

Noche para compartir

  • Short tale awarded with the V Santiago literary contest (2010).

The Movie that never existed

  • My first novel, a contemporary thriller around a misterious movie created in secrecy by Alfred Hitchcock and its scandalous footage... (Written between 2008-10)

El último caso del doctor Watson y Sherlock Holmes

Hallaré la muerte, si me llega


In the TV industry

Formación y educación integral (2003)
  • Lecturer of TV Production in a seminar for future producers.




Zeppelin TV (2000)

Broadcast union services aka BUS (2000)

  • Assistant producer in tv commercial campaign for Telefonica.

Summers producciones (2000)

  • Assistant producer in the tv show pilot El Burladero

Radio Televisión Española (1998)

  • Assistant producer in the tv comedy show A toda risa, the educational series La aventura del saber and the comedy series Una de dos.

Punto y Reklamo Konstructor (1997)

  • Script and Preliminary production of a documentary about Julio Romero de Torres.

Canal Córdoba TV (1996)

  • Production and direction of a news program in a local tv station