Alvaro Vazquez de la Torre
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Videogame Development

  • Management tools: Hansoft, JIRA, TFS, Tom's planner, Trello
  • Level editors: Proficient knowledge on CryEngine (Crytek), Hammer (Valve) or Unreal (Epic).
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Proficient in development tools such as Perforce, Sourcesafe or SVN
  • Programming: Basic knowledge of LUA and HTML
  • Visitor at different Videogame summits such as E3, GDC, Games Convention, Tokio Game Show, Campus party and Gamelab.



  • Spanish: Mother tongue.
  • English: High level, both written & spoken.
  • Italian: Medium level, both written & spoken.
  • Mandarin chinese: Basic level, spoken.
  • Catalan: Basic level, both written & spoken.


Other skills

  • Videogame reviews & articles: Gameto (Spanish website about design issues, now unavailable), Videoshock and Design Notes, my personal blog in english about videogame design. Lecturer at Spanish videogame conferences such as Campus Party (1 & 2), Congreso de desarrolladores de videojuegos or Congreso internacional de videojuegos UCM.
  • Writing skills: Undisclosed projects including movie scripts, short tales, tv formats and game design concepts.
  • Some of my favourite games of all times: Knight Lore (MSX), Sonic the Hedgehog (Megadrive), The secret of Monkey Island (PC), GTA Vice City (PS2), Half Life 2 (PC), World of Warcraft (PC) and Bioshock (Xbox 360).